The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the very best food dehydrator for your purposes.

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And now Part 4: Other Features To Consider – Other features to consider when researching food dehydrator reviews and ratings


How To Buy A Food Dehydrator

Here are other features to consider when purchasing food dehydrators

Instruction Manual and Recipe Guide

You should never underestimate the help which instructional manuals provide even if you are not a first time user. This is because they provide manufacturer-suggested temperature and time treatment for different foods which may be specific for the unit you have purchased. If you are just new with food dehydrating, you may seek a unit which has good amount of recipes which you can try and explore with your new device.

Also, the drying times written into the recipe guide are written for that model of dehydrator: very handy! When you look at generic recipes on the internet, the drying times may not be accurate, and food dehydrators vary a lot in air drying quality, power, and speed. So having a detailed recipe guide will help you get to know your food dehydrator

Warranty Period

There are a lot of moving parts in a food dehydrator, so be aware of the warranty and read it carefully.

<a href="Excalibur 3500B Deluxe Food Dehydrator PicAnd oftentimes different parts of the dehydrator will have different warranties. Naturally it’s a good thing if you never have to use the warranty, but with food dehydrators and with anything that has a motor, it’s good to be aware of the warranties.

Food dehydrators are generally covered by a one-year warranty but some manufacturers may provide more.

Nesco food dehydrators tend to have one year warranties, and these are good enough quality that you usually will not use them. We have found the models closer to being a commercial food dehydrator tend to have longer warranties. As an example, the Excalibur food dehydrators (pictured above right) generally have 5 to 10 year warranties varying on the part of the dehydrator, and the L Equipe Food Dehydrators will have close to 12 year warranties.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

Since you do not want to spend your money on a product that is not worthy, it is then safe to ensure that you are investing on a food dehydrator whose manufacturer has long established a name. You can hardly go wrong with these brands, especially if this is the first time you are buying this device.

L-Equipe 306200 Food Dehydrator PicThe most popular food dehydrator manufacturer happens to be Nesco, most likely because they target the home food dehydrator and lower end food dehydrators. While you are likely not to use their customer service, especially in the warranty period, it’s unfortunate that there are mixed reviews on Nesco’s customer service from poor to good.

The higher end food dehydrators, coincidentally, have been found to have better customer service. Excalibur has reviews of average to good customer service. While L’Equip (pictured above right) seems to not only have the longest warranty periods, but also the best customer service with real people answering the phone quickly.

Regulation of Temperature or Heating Element

It is advisable to procure a food dehydrator which provides you better control over the temperature settings to ensure that your foods are being dehydrated at the optimum state. Most available units have this feature but how variable you can modify the temperature usually varies among them.

Power Usage

Although not exclusively dependent, the wattage defines the power your food dehydrator will need. Generally, a 500-watt device is ideal enough for a standard food dehydrating process. But if you intend to use more power or plan to add more trays to your unit, it may be advisable that you purchase one which offers higher wattage. Higher wattage is also suggested for units with higher number of trays (about 10-15 trays). Remember to purchase enough wattage to power your unit to avoid your food items from getting under-dehydrated.

Versatility of Functions

If you are investing on a kitchen device, of course you would want to get a more versatile unit. But you also need to consider which food items you intend to dehydrate. If your needs are simple, a basic food dehydrator model may suffice.

That Concludes Our “How To Buy A Food Dehydrator” 4-part Buying Guide

We hope that this “How to Buy a Food Dehydrator” buying guide has provided you adequate information that will effectively help you in deciding which product can best meet and satisfy your requirements. Just take your time in learning and assessing the several cookware sets you consider and incorporate it with the features you regard as most important. That way, you will definitely find the right dehydrator for you.

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