The purpose of this buying guide is to help you compare food dehydrators and find the best one for your kitchen.

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Dehydrating food is a fantastic hobby and a fun way to create your own healthy snacks from dehydrated pinepple without all that extra sugar added (like you would find in the stores) to your own beef jerky. In fact, making your own beef jerky and getting to experiment with different marinating sauces and experimenting with new food dehydrator recipes is one of the biggest appeals for owning a food dehydrator

We’ll take you through some different tips and knowledge to help you find the best home food dehydrator.


How To Buy A Food Dehydrator


Health Benefits

As earlier mentioned, food dehydrators effectively preserve the natural nutritional contents of the food items they process. The healthy constituents of foods are often lost when they are subjected to the high heat of conventional cooking, that’s why people who want to eat healthily have resorted to a raw food diet. One way to advocate this kind of diet is to consume dehydrated raw foods processed by this kitchen device.

Food Preservation

Emergency Supply Of Dehydrated Food

Food preservation is the primary function of food dehydrators, producing the same food with 75% of its moisture removed. With the removal of moisture, bacteria have lost an avenue where they can survive, relieving you of worries about food spoilage. But since any remaining moisture maintains its potential to cause deterioration, it is generally better to over-dry than under-dry. Proper storage of the dehydrated foods should also be observed.

Convenient and Cost Effective

With dried foods being expensively sold in the market, having the kitchen device that can process and preserve your foods at home is definitely beneficial in terms of cost and convenience. Not only do owners save money, they also have the option to dehydrate practically any food they want at their most preferred time.

A Fun Hobby!!

As we mentioned above, one of the biggest appeals of getting your own home food dehydrator is getting to experiment with all the different recipes for fruits and meats. Making your own beef jerky is by far one of the biggest appeals of getting a dehdyrator. You can experiment with mixing different sauces and marinating methods to come up with new and healthy treats all the time.

Dehydrated Pineapple is our favoriteOur personal favorite: dehdyrated pineapples. If you pick the ones up at the market or swap meet, they are coated in sugar. But you could easily just buy a can of pineapple rings at the market, throw it in the dehydrator, no extra sugar needed, and come up with a really tasty fruit leathery treat.

Two examples of some neat food dehydrator recipes we found: Zucchini Chips and Dehydrated Kiwi

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Now that you know the various benefits of home food dehydrators, we’ll go into next the different types of food dehydrators on the market. So be on the lookout for Part 2:

Part 2: The Common Types Of Food Dehydrators

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