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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you as you go through reviews for pots and pans racks

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In part 1 we went over the benefits of using a pots and pans rack.

In part 2 we discussed the various choices available considering both aesthetics and functionality.

Here, we will briefly discuss some of the considerations you will want to know when researching the best pots and pans racks

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How To Buy A Cookware Set

Here Are Things To Consider While Researching Pots And Pans Racks

Now that you know so much about pots and pans racks, whether you are choosing the wall mounted or free standing pot racks, there are several considerations that you have to make while choosing your pot rack, here are the considerations to make.

Installation process

Enclume MPO-01wg RACK IT UP Pot Rack PicHow easy is it to install the pots and pans racks? Do you want to buy something that will cost you a lot of time and frustrations to install? Ensure that the rack you are buying is easy to install. You need to consider the use of screws and hooks. If you’re the type who doesn’t mind this process then wall mounted or hanging pots and pans racks will work for you. You have to remember though that some racks are heavy making it difficult to assemble and mount on the wall.

A consideration of this is also how easily you can use the included wall studs or hanging material or if you need to buy your own, and if you need to buy your own, how easily can you determine what you need to buy.

An interesting example are the Enclume Pot Racks which have integrated in the SnapToggle Toggler Anchors which allows for fast, easy, and secure installation of your pot rack. (More info? Click here: How to install the Enclume Snaptoggle Toggler Anchors).

Quality Hanging Materials

Tying into the above, how sturdy and high quality is the hanging materials included with the pots and pans rack?

Style and Design

Is the rack you are buying stylish? The best rack for your kitchen is that which will add onto its decorative value. There are plenty to choose from, some even comes with lighting decorations and unique shapes and colors to suit your style preference. There are also racks that can be purchased at home interior stores or online.


Does the rack you are buying look like it will last for sometime before it finally breaks down? Ensure that it is able to stand the test of time. A manufacturer’s warranty is also commendable, try to check if the company offers it or not. If the company is confident that their product is durable, then for sure they will offer a good warranty.


Is the height of your rack adjustable? Are you able to move the height to suit your needs? If possible, get a pots and pans racks that are adjustable.

Grid Shelf

Enclume MPB-06 Bookshelf Pot Rack PicThe grid pots and pans rack is a wire mesh that acts as a shelf with the pots and pans rack that you can use for extra storage space for cookbooks, plants, or other items you want to store. While very practical, occasionally it will throw off the look of a pots and pans rack.

A great example of a pot rack with a grid shelf is the bestselling Enclume MPB-06 RACK IT UP Pot Rack.

Storage Capacity

How many pots and pans can the rack hold? The storage capacity is important as it determines whether the rack is able to meet your needs. There are large and small racks available for everyone’s needs. This ties also into the number of hooks that comes with the pots and pans rack as well as how many more hooks the pot and pan rack can hold


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Part 4: Recommended Brands And Models Where we discuss other factors to consider when purchasing pots and pans racks.

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