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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best pot and pan rack for your cookinglifestyle.

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In Part 2 we will get down to different things to consider both aesthetically and functionality-wise.


Pots And Pans Rack

Types Of Pots And Pans Racks

There are two main types of pots and pans racks when it comes to aesthetics and function: The

  • hanging pots and pans rack
  • wall mounted pot and pan rack

Hanging Pots And Pans Racks

Enclume MPO-01wg RACK IT UP Pot Rack PicLike the name suggests, the hanging pots and pans racks hang in the kitchen. Many people will often hang them on the ceiling joists of their kitchens. Due to their nature, the hanging racks come attached with chains and extension hooks used to extend them from the ceilings. These are nailed with screws and hooks which make them firm and safe for use. The hanging racks are the most common types of pots and pans racks and will mostly be found in many households.

The Enclume Rack It Up Oval Ceiling Pot Rack is a very popular seller in the ceiling mounted pot rack category.

There are 3 common grid types for hanging pots and pans rack:

  • Rectangular grid
  • This type is commonly used in a kitchen island. It provides your kitchen with a different touch and look.

  • Oval grid
  • If your kitchen has a curvy design, then this type of grid is suited for your taste.

  • Circular grid
  • This is the most popular grid for its balanced effect in the kitchen.

Wall Mounted Pots And Pans Racks

Enclume MPB-06 Bookshelf Pot Rack PicAgain, as the name will tell you, the
wall mounted pots and pans racks are mounted on the wall of the kitchen and at times, look like a horizontal bar or a hanging shelf on the wall. These greatly help in saving space in the kitchen. A good example of such a type of rack is the bar pots and pans rack which in the essence is a strip of metal attached onto a wall by two studs. Pans and pots are in turn hung from the bar through the knobs protruding from the bar.

The Enclume Rack It Up Bookshelf Pot Rack is a very popular wall mounted pots and pans rack

Styles Of Pots And Pans Racks

Purchasing pots and pans racks is crucial especially if you want your kitchen to look perfect for your guests. For those who are not aware, pots and pans racks are available in different designs and styles and here are the common styles used by most shoppers.

Modern or Contemporary Style

This kind of design is the most used because it fits any home décor of today’s modern homes. This kind of design comes with a fun touch and large array of designs to choose from. Because of its modern style, some are built as light fixtures to be more creative and stylish.

Lodge Style
This style is usually made of wood that are often used in country homes or cabins. This is said to be similar to a Tuscan style rack with an ornate finishing.

Lighting Style
Checkolite P1002-71 Country Kitchen Pot Rack PicThis style of pots and pans racks is used as double purpose; to function as an organizer and at the same time a lighting material to light up the area. Some are designed to give emphasis to the pots and of course to shine light in the area.

The Checkolite Country Kitchen Metal Pot Rack is one example of a popular selling hanging pots and pans rack with light fixtures.

Not all pot racks have lights on them. So double check that during your research.

That Concludes This Portion Of Our Buying Guide

Now that you know a bit more what is popular and what is out there with both the hanging pot rack and the wall mounted pot rack, we will move on to things to consider when researching and purchasing a pots and pans rack

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