The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best pressure cooker for your purposes.

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Here are other features to consider when purchasing pressure cookers

Manufacturer’s Reputation

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Pressure Cooker PicWith the several companies that are now producing pressure cookers, it remains advisable to stick to those brands which have long proven their name in this industry. This is to ensure that you are making a wise investment in your purchase, guaranteeing that your unit will be able to render its service for a good period of time. Also, ensure that the brand has been listed or approved by an independent testing organization to ensure that the unit you are buying is compliant with quality standard.

As examples:

Presto is reputed to have solid customer service which seems to match their reputation for a solid (but not spectacular) pressure cooker product.

Nesco makes a fairly good product but has very mixed reviews about both customer services and warranties.

And our favorite swiss army knife pressure cooker, the Instant Pot IP LUX60 (pictured above-right) also has reputed fantastic customer service from Instant Pot

Instruction and Recipe Book

This is particularly necessary for first time users, since instructional guide and recipe books will provide a great start for them. Read the manual if it is written comprehensively since clear and detailed instructions are important in ensuring that you are using the unit appropriately.

General recipe books our great as our online recipes and videos. But the recipe book written for your specific model of pressure cooker will help you get to know your pressure cooker. No guesswork on the different knobs and features to use when reading a generic recipe.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

Besides customer service excellence (as described in the first section Manufacturer’s Reputation, you want to know the warranty on your pressure cooker.

Despite the fact that quality pressure cookers are expected to last for a good period of time, it is still best to prefer a unit which offers an extended warranty period. Also consider the availability of parts and how easily they can be procured in case they need to be replaced. Manufacturers which have long carried a reputable name usually offer at least 10 years of warranty period.


Of course, the budget is among the top priority most buyers consider. Just always remember that the more accessory features the unit has, the more expensive it is most like going to be. Therefore, it all depends on you whether you think these extra features are worthy of the extra money. Consider how often you will also use these features to make sure that you are not spending over something you will hardly even use.

Prices will vary between manufacturers, usually on reputation. For example, Presto, not as well known, is affordable, while big names like T-Fal may be a bit more expensive)

Price will also vary on material: alumnium vs stainless steel (as covered in How To Buy A Pressure Cooker: Part 2)

Safety Features

There are several safety features various pressure cooker models offer. Some will vent excess steam from the valve indicated by an audible “hiss” when overpressure occurs, while some have a mechanism to effectively release this excessive pressure. It is also recommended to avoid non-stick coatings since they are known to cause some health and longevity issues. it is advisable to invest your money on units which have additional safety features since ensuring the unit’s secure operation is definitely a worthy means to spend your money.

Extra Features

How basic or how advanced your pressure cooker will be is utterly dependent on your preferences. The additional features may also be dependent on the food items you intend to cook in your unit more frequently. Just note that this extra attributes will consequently increase the unit’s cost as well. Do not always go for the unit which provides the most number of extra features, unless these will all be beneficial for your kitchen tasks. As mentioned earlier, whether or not these accessory features are worthy of your money is completely based on your complete discretion.

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We hope that this “How to Buy a Pressure Cooker” buying guide has provided you enough details about the factors you need to highly consider in the process of your purchase. It is naturally daunting to make a final choice, most especially that there are several options you can choose from. Just carefully bear in mind all the significant information that you have learned in this guide, apply them in your selection and you will hardly go wrong.

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