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Here Are Features You Will Want To Consider


Pressure cookers are being sold according to the size of their total liquid capacity, but one should know that the actual usable capacity of each unit is 1/2 to 2/3 of its liquid capacity. The most popular sizes are 4-, 6- or 8-quart liquid capacities. The 4-quart units are great for whole meal recipes for one or two people, or for making one course for a family such as potatoes or vegetables. The 6-quart units are the most popular size for many families with two or more members since it can accommodate most foods and most pressure cooking recipes. Finally, the 8-quart units work great for larger families, especially for making large batched of stock.

It’s easiest to compare and contrast the Presto line of stainless steel pressure cookers. Their stainless steel pressure cookers targeted towards small households come in sizes of: 4-Quart, 6-Quart, and 8-Quart and are among the most popular on the market

Presto 4 quart Stainless Steel Pressure CookerPresto 6 quart Stainless Steel Pressure CookerPresto 8 quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Pressure Regulator

There are basically three types of pressure regulators: (1) weighted valve which whistles when pressure is reached and jiggles to ensure that this pressure is maintained, (2) modified weighted valve which operates quietly, steaming out spurts if necessary and (3) spring valve which is present in most modern units, making no noise and simply popping out when pressure is reached. These types are somewhat different from each other but they will all eventually provide the same results for your recipe. Also, regardless of the type you choose, purchase a regulator with a maximum operating pressure of 15ps (pounds per square inch), the standard pressure used in pressure cooking.

Cover Interlock

Ensure that you are purchasing a pressure cooker which has a cover interlock because this device will prevent pressure build up until the cover is properly locked. This also effectively locks the cover until the pressure is reduced safely. Some models even have a visual indicator which provides signal if there is still any pressure inside.

pressure-cooker-partsPressure Cooker Cover Lock

(Images from Presto’s How To Use A Pressure Cooker article)

Cooking Rack

A pressure cooker with cooking rack or basket will allow you to cook several foods at once, ensuring that they are appropriately separated to prevent flavor mix up.


To make sure that you can comfortably and securely hold your pressure cooker, it is best that you check how this unit’s handles are designed. Models with ergonomically constructed handles provide the best comfort.


It is advisable to check the material from which the base of the pressure cooker is made from. If you consider purchasing a stainless steel pressure cooker, it is best to choose a model with bimetal or trimetal base because these types provided reduced scorching, great heat conduction and easy cleaning.


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Part 4: Other Considerations

Where we discuss other factors to consider when purchasing pressure cookers.

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