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Kitchen islands are one of the most expensive items you may ever get for your kitchen. As such, it always helps to have a leg up when doing your research. The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best (and cheapest) kitchen island for your lifestyle and home.

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In Part 1: Types of Kitchen Islands we briefly discussed the most popular types of kitchen islands and which one might be right for your situation. Here we delve further by talking about the different ways you can use a kitchen island.


how to buy a kitchen island

Let’s Review The Uses Of Kitchen Islands

As we discuss the different uses of kitchen islands, we found the Catskill Craftsmen Heart Of The Kitchen Island to be an ideal model for our article for all pics used! Way to go Catskill Craftsmen!

For Kitchen Storage and Organization:

Catskill Craftsmen Heart Of The Kitchen Island PicSince several cheap kitchen islands offer drawers and shelves, these devices make it an effective means to increase your kitchen storage space. Of course, you also need to consider the materials and items which need and require an extra storage room.

For example, if you intend to keep small appliances in your kitchen island, such as choppers and mixers, it is advisable that you purchase a kitchen cabinet island to provide sufficient room for them.

There are also models which possess several sturdy shelves which can conveniently accommodate your kitchen utensils such as spoons, knives and forks.

For Additional Counter Space:

Catskill Craftsmen Heart Of The Kitchen Island PicTo allow more people to conveniently work in the kitchen, an additional counter space is definitely a great idea. Several countertop styles are available among kitchen islands, including stainless steel, granite and wood. Stainless steel and tile countertop work well for food preparation and cooling hot pans.

In addition, they both look sophisticated enough to easily blend with other kitchen decoration and furniture. Granite and wooden kitchen islands appear equally elegant and durable as well. In choosing the material from which your countertop is made of, remember to consider the purpose you intend it to use for.

Note some Kitchen Islands come with a “drop leaf”. This is just an extra extension which is collapsible. So you can keep it folded in to have compact use, and folded out when you need the extra counter and table space.

As an example the “Heart Of The Kitchen” is sold with a drop leaf and without a drop leaf.


For Additional Social Space in the Kitchen:

Catskill Craftsmen Heart Of The Kitchen Island PicKitchen islands also provide more space to accommodate other people in the kitchen area. For example, your children may do their homework with this extra space while you proceed with your cooking. It also allows interaction with guests as you prepare their meal.

All you need is some kitchen stools and you’re set. It’s a nice little “quaint” meeting area as opposed to the more formal dining table.

In fact, some kitchen islands already have the top space larger than its supporting structure to accommodate the extra seating area. Or else you can find a kitchen island with a drop leaf which will accommodate space for stools underneath (such as the drop leaf pictured right)

For “Above and Beyond” Functions

During our browsing around the internet we have found some interesting uses for Kitchen Islands. For storage we have seen toys stored, even laundry.

The built-in kitchen islands can also include piping and wiring which means electrical outlets, even an extra sink. More elaborate kitchen islands might have working food disposals, areas of small refrigeration, and more.

The below kitchen island pictured has ample room for seating, a sink, and outlets on the side

Built In Kitchen Islands Complete Your Dream Kitchen

For Style!

Lastly… we just cannot forget style. A kitchen island adds a taste of class and sophistication to your kitchen whether free standing or built-in.

As an example, below the kitchen island is custom shaped to the spacing in the kitchen with matching woodgrain and countertop. Talk about class!

It makes a kitchen look that much more attractive!

Kitchen Islands For Function And Style

That Concludes This Part Of Our Kitchen Island Buying Guide

We hope that Part 2 of “How to Buy a Kitchen Island” buying guide has provided you with some great information on helping you figure out how you will want to use your future kitchen island.

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