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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best kitchen island for your kitchen. This will be a four part series.

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Kitchen islands, along with cookware sets can be some of the pricier additions to your kitchen. So we’ll also take into mind the cheap kitchen islands and balance those along with function and style as well!

This will be part one in a four part series.


how to buy a kitchen island

Here Are The Main Types of Kitchen Islands

1. Built-in Kitchen Island

A built-in kitchen island is called as such because its construction involves making it a permanent fixture in the kitchen. You must carefully consider that its installation will require you to dig up the floor of your kitchen area. You may either choose to personally customize the type of material you prefer your kitchen island top to have or request for a specialist to do the design for you. Since this is a custom kitchen island, it is possible for this type to be more expensive compared to the other kitchen island types.

For those looking to remodel their kitchen into a dream kitchen in their dream home, and have the space, this is one of the most spectacular items you can have in a kitchen. The flexibility with which you can design it: storage, spacing, shapes. You can custom fit it to your kitchen to get a lot of nice style and substance in your kitchen.

However, it is not appropriate for the majority of those shopping for kitchen islands.

One downside: once you build it, you’re kind of stuck with it.

(But oh it is nice to dream!!)

Built In Kitchen Islands Complete Your Dream Kitchen

2. Rolling Style Kitchen Island

Home Styles 5099-95 Napa Kitchen Center Kitchen Island PicRolling Kitchen Islands are the most popular type of kitchen island for those looking to add a touch of class and style to a kitchen without wanting to make the big commitment to the built-in kitchen island.

Portable, with wheels, the rolling kitchen islands come in a variety of styles and sizes with a variety of functions and storage possibilities. Some are a bit smaller to add style to compact kitchen space. Some of them are a bit more fancy for a nice stylish look to your kitchen. The Home Styles 5099-95 Napa Kitchen Center (pictured right) is an example of a favorite stylish and cheap kitchen island currently on the market.

And being mobile, you can conveniently move the location of the kitchen island to reconfigure your design and space at anytime. Not to mention you can bring it with you too when you move!

So if you are looking for a stylish AND cheap kitchen island, this category is for you.

3. Mobile Kitchen Island (Kitchen Cart Type)

Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Cart Kitchen Island PicIn case you have limited kitchen space, you may depart from the traditional kitchen island styles and go for the kitchen cart type which comes in several styles and sizes, ensuring that there is definitely on for you. This does not only allow convenient mobility, it also increases your available counter and storage space, especially in the smallest kitchen.

You could consider this to be the smallest of the rolling kitchen islands. For the most part these are purely for function, but can also add a little bit of style to your kitchen space.

The most popular kitchen island available is a mobile cart: the Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Cart (pictured right)

4. Butcher Block

Powell Color Story Black Butcher Block Kitchen Island PicOriginally being used in butcher shops only, this type of Kitchen Island has eventually become popular because of its accessible and durable cutting surfaces and easy-to-clean property. It may either be stationary or mobile, with a surface that is made of special hardwood, which in turn is glued tightly to ensure its sturdy and strong construction. Relevant note that one should remember about type of Kitchen Island is that it requires maintenance, including regular resealing with mineral oil once every several weeks to prevent the wood from warping and cracking.

It’s a nice simple way to add some function and style to your kitchen.

As an example, a very popular kitchen island is the Powell Color Story Butcher Block pictured right.

That Concludes This Portion Of Our Buying Guide

Now that you know the main types of types kitchen islands in the market, we’ll cover the different ways to use your kitchen island in the next article. Be on the lookout for:

Part 2: Uses For Kitchen Islands

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