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Pressure cooking is not a necessity in life, however if you want to speed up your preparation process and make the food you taste that much better, than you definitely want to include pressuer cooking in your kitchen.

We’ll take you through some different tips and knowledge to help you wade through your research of the best pressure cookers




Faster and Easier Means of Cooking

First and foremost, and the reason you will usually get a pressure cooker: ease of cooking. Faster, and the food tastes SOOOO much better. This is how you get the “meat falling off the bones” type tenderness and flavor.

Pressure cooker requires less water than conventional boiling and less energy than boiling steaming. With less liquid to be heated, it enables the food to reach its cooking temperature faster. This means that it can mediate cooking in a faster manner compared to other cooking methods, thus serving the food much sooner.

We found this video online from NYGourmet: Beef Chuck Roast in the pressure cooker

Retention of Nutrients

In relation to the fact that it only requires minimum amount of liquid, it prevents unnecessary dissolution of vitamins and minerals in the water. Also, the shorter cooking time further enhances retention of the food’s natural nutritional contents.

Enhanced Flavor

Pressure Cooker Recipes For RibsThe increased temperature produced by pressure cookers promotes the Maillard Reaction which is responsible for the development of food’s more desirable flavors. Thus, it consequently requires less seasoning as well.

(Don’t those ribs look mouth watering?)

Multiple Cooking

It is possible to cook several foods together in the pressure cooker, further reinforcing faster means of meal preparation.

Killing of Microorganisms

Since the foods are being subjected to a high temperature that is actually above the boiling point of water, it effectively kills microorganisms. This makes it a great sterilizer for jam pots, glass baby bottles and camp water.

Effective Cooking in High Altitudes

In places located at high altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is so low that it reduces the boiling point of water. The reduced water temperature affects water’s influence in cooking and hot drink preparation. But this problem is effectively relieved by pressure cookers.

Canning and Food Preservation

We are listing this as a benefit. However this should not be a priority when looking at a pressure cooker for food preparation purposes. Canning is for food preservation. So know the difference when you are shopping. The pressure cookers categorized as Large Pressure Cookers are not suitable for cooking and food prep, only for canning and preservation.

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