The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best food processor for your kitchen and lifestyle. If you like to prepare your food at home (or want to start) you’ll find the right food processor will definitely be a HUGE help and make things more fun too!

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And now Part 4: “This and That” – All the other little extra things to consider when shopping for a Food Processor


How To Buy A Food Processor

Here are more things to consider when shopping for a Food Processor:


Some people prefer simpler means of operation, especially that the process will only take place for just a few seconds. Therefore, the most important controls you will basically need for your food processor are on, off and pulse. If you want a more complex control, some units offer means to choose among a wider arrays of speed. But most people will only need the on, off, and pulse.

It may also be best to find a model that places these controls behind a sheet of plastic (touch pad controls). This will keep your processor easier to clean since the plastic prevents food pieces from getting in contact with the controls.


Worthy of mention, so much so that we dedicated Part 2 of this buying guide to it!

Extra attachments

Food Processor Attachments

The accompanying attachments of your food processor are responsible for its versatile functions. Generally, the only essential attachments are those that can perform chopping, mincing, pureeing, grating and dough-making. Other available attachments are not usually necessary or are seldom used in meal preparation.

Mixing Action

Several brands and models offer a variable means on how the food processor mix your food items. Remember to check these features to ensure that your unit carries the more efficient function.


Just like the base or motor of the food processor, wattage plays a crucial, but not exclusive, role with how powerful your unit can be. It will also provide you a good estimate of how much energy your machine consumes. Generally 750-watts is the “line of demarcation” so to speak from when a food processor goes from small jobs to big jobs.

Feed Tube Size

Food Processor Feed Tube
Generally, a wider feed tube is considered better since it allows you to push larger pieces of food into the food processor. This further saves you both time and effort from cutting food items into smaller pieces, such as potatoes and cucumbers.


If you want to eliminate mess and make clean up more convenient, consider buying a food processor with good lid design since this prevents food from flying all over your kitchen in the process of your preparation.

Safety Features

You do not want to sacrifice secure preparation for the sake of convenience. Thus, you will want to purchase a food processor equipped with enough safety features to prevent the occurrence of any accidents during your food preparation. Some common safety features include (1) refusal of the motor to start up when the bowl is not yet securely locked with the base and the top, (2) requiring the lids and attachment to be firmly in place before the processor starts and (3) plunger features which push foods towards the blades, sparing your fingers from doing this task.


As earlier mentioned, the features and functions that food processors provide greatly influence the price. Attachments greatly extend the functionality of your unit, but if you do not consider special blades or discs to be necessary, you may spare yourself from the extra purchase. If you are a beginner in cooking or have a limited budget, it is best to start small as you may pay for accessories you may never even use. Just always consider your needs to ensure that you are not wasting your money unnecessarily.


Since cooking is tedious enough for a task, you want to lessen you after-work activities such as cleaning of the food processor. Check how convenient the parts come apart for cleaning and know if the accessories are dishwasher safe. Usually, removable parts are dishwasher safe but they may require you to place it at a lower heat setting (recommended: less than 50°C), but this may vary so make sure you read the instructional manual about the appropriate means of unit maintenance.

Warranty and Replacement Availability

Since it operates some rough function, it is possible that some of the parts may suffer some irreversible damage. That’s one good reason why you should carefully review the warranty offered by the manufacturer of the unit you consider buying. In case problems happen beyond the warranty period, you need to consider the availability of replacement parts and how easily they can be procured.

We have had mixed reviews on Cuisinart’s customer service. A bit better reviews of KitchenAid customer service.

One thing you can do: call the respective customer service numbers of the brands you are interested in and ask them questions and see how you feel about the customer service first-hand.


There are manufacturers which declare the expected period of time their food processors can serve their owners. Of course, you want to purchase a unit with longer longevity, especially that they come with a longer guarantee period.

Instructional Guide

You have to also consider the instructional guide included in the package to ensure that you are using your kitchen device in an appropriate and secure manner. Most manufacturers provide booklet with recipes, but if you are a visual learner, you may consider looking for a unit that comes with an instructional DVD.

Food Processor Humor Cartoon


Hopefully, this “How to Buy a Food Processor” buying guide has been successful in providing you necessary and relevant information to help you procure the unit which can best satisfy your needs. Just always remember to consider your top priority features whenever you check one model to ensure that your choice will be nothing but satisfactory. Food processors are undeniably one of the basic kitchen devices which offer great benefits to owner, thus it is very crucial for you to rightfully invest your money in a valuable product.

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