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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you as you go through reviews for kitchen sinks online

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In part 1 we went over the types of kitchen sinks you’ll typically find.

In part 2 we discussed the various materials used in constructing kitchen sinks

Here, we will briefly discuss some of the considerations you will want to know when researching the best kitchen sinks online

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How To Buy A Kitchen Sink

General Tips To Keep In Mind

These simple tips should be kept in mind as you go out to buy a kitchen sink and the whole experience will go down more smoothly.

By the time you are going out to buy a sink, you already have the position for the sink marked out, or better yet the framework to hold the sink in place. This means that whatever the sink you buy has to fit within the provided space. Thus, as you go out to buy your sink, do not forget the dimensions of the space that is actually available in your kitchen. If your sink is too small or too large, it will be utterly useless for you, so it is better if you get it right the first time round.

This is a very important consideration because if the sink you choose is too big, it will dwarf your kitchen and there will be minimal space for anything else. On the other hand, if the sink is too small, it may limit its usability and spoil the aesthetic feel of your kitchen.

Money is always the first consideration when setting out on any home upgrade or remodeling expenditure. This applies to your kitchen sink as well; make sure that you know exactly how much you are willing to spend before going out to look for a kitchen sink.

Keep within a budget that will not stretch you; when you buy a kitchen sink, there will probably be other concurrent expenditures such as the actual installation, and purchasing the accessories for your sink (faucets etc). If you spend too much on the sink alone, you may come across some shortfalls later on. Keep in mind too that the maker of the sink you buy will also determine how much you spend on its installation.

Professional Consultation
If possible, consult with your builder or plumber, or the person who is going to be responsible for installing the sink. This way, you will ensure that the sink you want for your kitchen will actually work in your kitchen. It will save you money and headaches in the long run


Sinks are no longer a standard stainless steel or white porcelain issue. Nowadays, you have more options available to you. You can even have your kitchen sink in a different color, if you can afford it. You can explore the various kitchen sinks of other lesser known materials (a.k.a. not stainles steel, not a granite composite), and explore colors and aesthetics with those materials.

Ease of cleaning
Some sinks are easier to clean than others, depending on the material from which they are made. Stainless steel sinks are some of the easiest to clean and maintain. It also depends on the installation method used and you should consult on this before making your final choice

Accessories and Compatibility
When shopping for your kitchen sink, remember that there are other parts of the sink as well such as faucets and that these two have to be compatible. The best thing to do is to buy the sink and its accessories at the same time to limit the chances of incompatibility.

If you have these accessories before you buy the sink, then ensure that whatever kitchen sink you are buying will be compatible with the accessories at hand. If the sink and accessories do not fit, you may be forced to replace either the former or the latter.

Extra Features

Nowadays, a kitchen sink has more to offer than just draining away water and being a space for holding your dirty dishes. There are other features such as garbage disposers, hot water filters, and even space for soap dispensers etc. go for a sink with the most holes (tapping’s) as this means you will have the most features being added to your sink, however, this may be limited by the size of the sink you want.

Remodeling Scheduling
One of the main issues with buying kitchen sinks online is it seems to happen often enough that the kitchen sink will arrive damaged. Not sure how shipping a sink to a residence versus shipping it to a store differs. We’re inclined to think that it happens the same amount, it’s just that the stores handle it in the background so you don’t see it: calling the distributor or manufacturer, getting a replacement sent out, and sending the damaged sink back to the distributor or manufacturer. It likely happens behind the scenes so you as a purchaser do not see it

Which brings us to this: you will possibly have to do the same thing since you are the direct receiver. Inspect the sink, make sure it arrived okay, and if not, get a replacement.

So if you are on a very tight schedule with your remodeling, make sure to order the kitchen sink online well in advance and/or be okay with a flexible schedule in case you need to ship the sink back and get a replacement.


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