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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best kitchen sinks online for your home remodeling project.

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In Part 1 we went over the various types of kitchen sinks.

Here we will get into some more detail with the various materials used to construct your kitchen sink.


how to buy a kitchen sink

The Most Popular Kitchen Sink Construction Materials

If you’re shopping for the first time for your kitchen, I’m sure you want to know the different materials of a kitchen sink. Here are the materials available and its short description.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Kraus KBU22 Undermount 50-50 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink PicIt is said that 70% of most homeowners are using stainless steel kitchen sink. This type of material is useful and compatible to different installation types. This is also one of the lowest priced sink in the market. Stainless steel is classified in terms of gauge and it comes in 2 types; the high and low gauge. High gauge is lighter in terms of weight compared to lower gauge. A heavier sink is not prone to denting therefore it is safe to say that when choosing a stainless sink, you must opt for a lower gauge as it is heavier and is not prone to dents.

Most of the kitchen sinks sold are stainless steel kitchen sinks, and many of the most popular models and bestsellers are stainless steel.

NOTE: Kraus kitchen sinks are undeniably the number one seller of stainless steel kitchen sinks when it comes to ordering kitchen sinks online. Keep an eye out for Kraus brand during your research

Granite Kitchen Sinks

This is said to be an extremely durable sink that can withstand scratches and stains. However, you must avoid dropping heavy plates or an item on this type of sink material for this is prone to chipping. Aside from chipping, this is one expensive stone to own in your kitchen.

Composite Kitchen Sinks

This type is made of both granite and resin filler. Depending on the manufacturer, the mixture of these 2 materials; granite and resin depends. However, it’s more on 70-80% granite and 20-30% resin. This type of material is grease or stain resistant which is commendable.

Note: Swanstone makes some very popular composite kitchen sinks


Other Types Of Kitchen Sink Construction Materials

Cast Iron

This type of material is also widely used because of its glossy white style which could possibly last for even decades! This material is made of heavy casting iron to make it durable, tough and scratch resistant. This is easy to maintain and clean.


This type of material is made of ceramic clay molded into a sink and dried up for up to 40 hours long. After which, an enamel is applied to the ceramic as a finishing touch which is heated up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 hours. This type of material offers traditional and timeless appeal to your kitchen sink.


From the name itself, this glass sink material is prone to breakage. This is only good for decorative purposes for its beauty and timeless look. Heavy kitchen wares can crack the glass.

That Concludes This Portion Of Our Buying Guide

Now that you know a bit more what is popular and what is out there when it comes to kitchen sink materials, we will move on in part 3 with “Things To Consider When Purchasing”.

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