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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the very best food mixer for your cooking lifestyle.

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And now Part 4: Recommendations Recommendations of manufacturers and models


Food Mixers Gone Awry

Recommended Manufacturers

There is a wide array of food mixers (both hand mixers and stand mixers and looking for one should not be a difficult task. However, nailing the right brand which suits to your needs and budget may take some research to ensure quality and reliability.

You will find well known names on top of the list, many of the brands are well known in the kitchen for a multitude of appliances, not just food mixers.

You will see ratings generally lower on food mixers than other appliances. We believe it’s mostly due to the motor, power, and heavy use not being able to keep up with the “grind” of daily preparation of foods, which causes a shorter lifespan for food mixers than other kitchen appliances.

For that reason, food mixers that break down easily will get bad feedback fairly quickly. For *THAT* reason, good customer service, good warranties, and lower than average prices will be seen as positives.

Of the popular food mixers, we want to note these brands

KitchenAid Food Mixers


KitchenAid has long made its name in the food mixer arena with very popular and very sturdy stand mixers, reputed to have lasted for many years, even decades. In recent years, many long-time owners of KitchenAid products have noticed a decrease in general quality and longevity of KitchenAid products in modern times. Still, these are VERY sturdy food mixers, possibly the best hand mixers on the market.

Hamilton Beach Food Mixers


Hamilton Beach generally makes very reliable no-frills mixers. They have some of the best hand mixers and best stand mixers on the market. Everything about the Hamilton Beach Mixers say “just slightly less” than KitchenAid for everything: look and feel, durability, engineering, and craftsmentship. That being said, the cost of the Hamilton Beach Food Mixers are the average and in some cases farther below. So if you’re on a budget and cannot afford the KitchenAid food mixers, these are a fantasic choice, especially if you do not have enough space for a stand mixer and want to get a hand mixer

Sunbeam Food Mixers


Continuing down the road, Sunbeam quality is just slightly a tad bit less then KitchenAid and Hamilton Beach. This also means (as expected) a much cheaper cost. And overall the Hamilton Beach food mixers feel very very sturdy.

Recommended Models: Hand Mixers

Considering the above, here are recommended hand mixers:

Hamilton Beach 62650 6-Speed Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 62650 Classic Hand Mixer Pic

  • Easy to hold and handle. Comfortable
  • Easy storage of attachments with snap on cover
  • Handy “bowl rest” feature

Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Hand and Stand Mixer Combo

Sunbeam FPSBHS030 Hand and Stand Mixer Combo Pic

  • Can function as either stand mixer or hand mixer
  • Lightweight, easy to operate. User friendly
  • Very inexpensive

Recommended Models: Stand Mixers

Considering the above, here are the recommended stand mixers:

KitchenAid KP26M1XPM Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer

KitchenAid KP26M1XPM Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer

  • “Slow start” feature to avoid spills and splashes
  • Nice sized bowl
  • KitchenAid brand name

Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics 12-Speed Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer Pic

  • Attractive design. Great looking
  • Feels durable and heavy duty
  • Much less expensive than KitchenAid

That Concludes Our “How To Buy A Food Mixer” 4-part Buying Guide

We hope that this “How to Buy a Food Mixer” buying guide has provided you adequate information that will effectively help you in deciding which product can best meet and satisfy your requirements. Just take your time in learning and assessing the several different food mixers and then researching our reviews and consider what is most important for you.

Here are links to all four parts of our buying guide:



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