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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best food mixer for your food preparation needs.

Here are links to all four parts of our buying guide:

In Part 1 we went over the differneces between hand mixers and stand mixers. We also took a quick visit to the cousins a.k.a. the blender and the food proessor. In Part 2 we got familiar with the various parts (good and bad) of food mixers.

Here, we will briefly discuss basic ideas when deciding which food mixer to buy. It is not too overly complicated, mostly common sense and likely confirming what you already thought.

That’s what this guide will help us with!

Let’s go!

how to buy a food mixer

Here Are Things To Consider

Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer

KitchenAid KP26M1XPM Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixerquestion-mark-comparisonhamilton-beach-62650-6-speed-silver-classic-hand-mixer-comparison
Let’s address the most common question head on… hand mixer or stand mixer?

Pictured above is the bestselling stand mixer (KitchenAid KP26M1XPM Stand Mixer) and bestselling hand mixer (Hamilton Beach 62650 Hand Mixer), both outstanding quality mixers and both can really do a job for you.

So which one to buy?

Consider what tasks you will use it for, and match the way you prepare foods to the mixer you will buy. You may end up finding you will want both. You might find you need more than one.

Hand mixers cost less but, as you would expect, do not do as well at the heavy-duty food preparation tasks such as mixing dough (even though some models of hand mixers can do the job with sturdy dough hooks according to Consumer Reports). Realistically, for light chores such as whipping cream or mixing cake batter, only a hand mixer is required.

These compact tools allow you to beat your ingredients (eggs, flour, sugar, and other dry ingredients) consistently and thoroughly.

A hand mixer usually has about five speeds from slow mixing to rapidbly beating. A 250-watt motor is sufficient for the casual cook. In addition, hand mixers with slow start-up are less likely to cause splatters.

If you’re buying a hand mixer, and you plan to do some heavy lifting, make sure there are some nice extra attachments. For example, a separate whisk makes whipping easier. Wire beaters are easier to clean than traditional center-post beaters. Also look for other blender tools and even drink rods for creating cocktails.

Finally, if you have limited counter space, opt for a hand mixer. A hand mixer can fit easily into a cabinet or deep drawer. If you have a small kitchen, this will help save space.

Stand mixers are the go-to appliance for mixing big batches dough like cookie dough or kneading bread dough. You can add attachments that transform the mixer into a grinder, ice-cream machine, or fresh-pasta maker. Good for those that make bread and cookies from scratch

Known for its stability, this type of mixer is good for thick doughs and batters. Check your potential recpie book as you will need a powerful mixer to handle your toughest batters. A 325 watts of power stand mixer is good if you are making bread dough often. Bump that up for if you bake often (upwards of 525 watts).

Stand mixers have a larger speed range then hand mixers, they often have up to 10 speeds.

Their drawbacks are that they are heavier, less portable, and will take up counter space.

Then again, if you have a larger kitchen and can leave it out on the counter, a stand mixer can actually add some beauty to your kitchen. A nice looking high quality stand mixer just begs to be left out on the counter as a showpiece.

They’re available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can choose one that will complement the decor of your kitchen (not that we would try to influence you to buy one just for decorative purposes, but stranger things have happened!)

Storage And Portability

Hamilton Beach 62650 Classic 6 Speed Hand Mixer Snap On Storage Case

The Hamilton Beach 62650 Classic 6 Speed Hand Mixer features a convenient snap-on storage case for easy storage

Storage and portability are also some things to consider. A good food mixer must have a retractable cord so you can store it with ease. If you have kids at home, you may want to consider food mixers which have auto-locking capabilities to avoid accidental start-ups.

As an example, the bestselling Hamilton Beach 62650 Mixer also features a snap-on storage case, not only for easy storage of your attachments with your food mixer, but also for easy placement and storage in your kitchen cupboards.


Food mixers can be as low as $40 or as high as $450. It all depends on the variety of features that the mixer can offer. You can scout for brands and models and compare each price to fit your budget. You can do this by doing an online canvassing of costs and narrowing down your options to at least three brands. This gives you enough choices to compare and contrast the pros and cons of each food mixer. Once you have decided, you can simply order online and have the food mixer of your choice delivered right at your doorstep.

Owner’s Manual

Granted, most of the time food mixers are mostly intuitive and easy to use. That being said, the reason why you are getting a food mixer is to make things extra easy for you. That is why there is no point in mulling over complicated instructions that some unfriendly manuals have. So, make sure that the food mixer comes with handy manual and easy-to-follow directions. It should also come with recipe and cooking tips to add variety to your baking experience.


Like other equipment and appliances, your food mixer must also provide you with a warranty period. Check on your supplier as to the warranty and services they can provide to you. Some suppliers may give a separate warranty period for the motor and the mixer itself. In any case, make it a point that you know how you can benefit from this feature.


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