There is a lot of debate out there when it comes to the use of microwave ovens. While we agree that if you have the time, it’s better to prepare you food the “old-fashioned” way (sans microwave), here is some interesting food for thought

One popular, urban-legend-ish type study is that someone had two plants and watered one with microwaved water, the other with normal water.

Yup, you guessed it. The plant receiving microwaved water died.

Canada.Com just posted an interesting article titled “Innocent microwaves suffer from an undeserved image problem”.

Do microwave ovens destroy the vitamins and antioxidants in your vegetables? Yup, they sure do.

But so does steaming, boiling and baking. Microwaves are a pretty common tool in the North American kitchen, but they’ve suffered from a bad reputation.

The article goes on to compare the different ways we have been preparing our food compared to using the microwave. As well as going through the “fears” of using a microwave one-by-one and discussing it

We really like the article, very logical. Very helpful. Good stuff to keep in mind!

(But yeah, our gut feeling: if you can go without using the microwave, try that first. But in moderation and for some purposes, oh’s a gift sent from above!)

So Mr. Microwave..thank you for your luxury of modern technology! Just don’t mind that we are careful at the same time!