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The purpose of this buying guide is to help you find the best microwave oven for your kitchen.

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With the several benefits and convenience it provides among its owners, it undeniably one of the must-haves in in the kitchen. If you are in the process of buying your very own microwave oven and have not made your final decision about which unit to get yet, we highly recommend that you go through this “How To Buy A Microwave Oven”. Rest assured, after reading this guide, you will have a clearer picture of the microwave oven which will definitely suit your requirements and needs.

In part 1 we briefly discussed the benefits of using a microwave oven. Here we will talk about the popular types of microwave ovens.


How To Buy A Microwave Oven


1. Standard Microwave Oven

Frigidaire FFCM0724LW Microwave Oven PicAlso often referred to as a “conventional” microwave oven, this is the basic type of microwave oven, consisting only of one high-powered vacuum inside responsible for magnetic wave generation. It is perfect for those who intend to use this device for simple cooking only. It works great for defrosting, heating and boiling. It is also more affordable compared to other microwave oven types. However, it does not provide the options to bake and roast. Perfect for those looking for simple microwave functions. The Frigidaire FFCM0724LW .7 cubic feet microwave oven (shown right) is one of the more popular standard and compact microwave ovens.

Why you want one: Cheapest, ease of installation, portable, and most compact size microwaves will be standard/conventional. If you’re not in your dream home and/or simply want a microwave without remodeling your kitchen, you’ll want to consider this one.

2. Grill Microwave Oven

This type of microwave oven contains a grill plate with heating coils, elements which effectively convert electricity to heat energy. This feature provides this type of microwave oven the ability to roast food at a faster pace compared to either traditional grill or oven. Apart from the basic microwave oven functions, it can also perform additional tasks such as baking and toasting, performing these operations for a long period of up to 99 minutes. Just always remember that when the grill function of the device is on, the basic microwave function is generally shut off. This is not that popular a microwave oven type since most people still will use grills or toasters for basic functions, and those appliances have shown to be more effective than a Grill Microwave Oven. We usually recommend against buying this type of oven, especially with the evolution of Convection Microwaves.

Why you want one: We honestly wouldn’t and would rather go with a convection. If you plan to use your microwave for more than straightforward microwave functions, then why not go bigger?

3. Convection Microwave Oven

Sharp R-930AK Convection Microwave PicThis type is a microwave, grill and convection oven all rolled into one. With its unique airflow circulation, it becomes specifically helpful in baking, producing delicacies that are soft-natured inside and crispy brown outside. This is done by dispersing hot air though the oven with the aid of a fan. Other food items that can be cooked in this unit are biscuits, cookies and tandoori dishes. It also retains the same function produced by basic and grill microwave ovens such as heating, defrosting, boiling, simple cooking, toasting and roasting. The Sharp R-930AK Microwave Oven (shown right) is a very popular convection microwave.

Many people who buy a convection microwave oven soon find they rarely use their regular ovens anymore. Convection microwaves are easier and faster to use (less pre-heating time) and so the regular oven goes by the wayside.

Since this type is more advanced compared to the other models, expect that this is offered at a more expensive price. Therefore, you should analyze first if you will be able to utilize all of its functions.

Why you want one: microwave ovens are items of convenience, and getting a convection microwave oven moves more of your kitchen functions to your microwave. Useful, only if your everyday kitchen functions involve more than just standard microwave use.

4. Inverter Microwave Ovens

Many newer conventional microwaves today feature inverter power supplies that use what is called Pulse Width Modulation which effectively provides continuous heating at reduced power. What this means for you? Better effective even and consistent heating at lower power. This also means you can heat foods more quickly without damaging it or worrying about uneven heating. Panasonic undoubtedly has developed and sold the most popular inverter microwave ovens.

Why you want one: much better even heating and quicker heating. However the inverter power supplies still have a bit of way to go on the reliability front. Make sure you get one with a good warranty. Panasonic is a great example where it seems there will be random batches of microwaves that will break quickly. The majority of them won’t and have many happy owners, but if you end up with one that does break, you will want to cash in on the warranty.


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