We just came across this. Oh my. Not your normal everyday “prepare the family dinner” type of kitchen. I almost feel like I need to pay cover charge! This is amazing .


We found the article (and photographs, many more photographs) here at http://www.condo.ca.

And here we are with our discussions of cooking and of the home and for family and sometimes even discussions of vintage designs of kitchens and what-not. (Just go back to our first post here to see all the gorgeous kitchen remodels we dream about).

That being said, coming across this was a bit… startling. But pretty soon just a few words in and the staff here were all doing our clubbing thing!

countertop-fiber-optic-LED“UNCE! UNCE! UNCE! UNCE! UNCE!”

Indeed, as the article title states:

“Exciting kitchen countertops include LED lights”

“Two areas of the home that account for most of the decorating expenditures and most of the design headaches that homeowners find themselves facing are the kitchen and the bathroom. These are formidable locations that many would rather ignore than deal with. Maybe that is about to change, thanks to new and innovative ways that LED lighting is being used to upgrade kitchens and baths around the planet. Forget about utilitarian under-cabinet lighting and overhead task lighting. We are talking about pure and simple fun, fashionable lighting. Making it all look good is the whole story this time, and the only way to achieve these fantastic new looks is with LED lighting solutions.

Now all we need is that futuristic switch that lets us choose a “daytime” countertop, and then flip it to our “nighttime” countertop. Can you imagine it?

We can!! Let’s get to work on that, can we fellas at G4Report?