An interesting article that crossed our desk from the Borehamwood Times (a town in southern Hertfordshire, London). How interesting? Well, did you know a dirty and cluttered kitchen is the top cause of fires? True, according to the Electrical Safety Council and the Hertfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service.

We all like tidy kitchens (cue our plug for for our inexpensive kitchen islands and pots and pans racks sections!) And moreso, we LOVE fully decked out kitchens. A dream kitchen is an amazing thing, especially when you spend a lot of time there.

At the same time, a messy or dirty kitchen is often a bane on the chore list.

But this! This report is something we weren’t aware of.

“Grime fires are the result of dirty and messy kitchens and are caused by the ignition of excess fat in cooking appliances, clutter stored by heat sources catching fire, or by dirt, dust and crumbs blocking ventilation causing foods to overheat.”

dirty kitchen

“Last year, 21,036 house fires started in the kitchen and millions have confessed busy lifestyles mean cleaning is not a top priority which puts households at risk.”

So be safe out there! Remember, a lot of great upgrades to your kitchen are not just for making your kitchen look better and be more functional, it can also help you prevent grime fires in your kitchen!

Read the full Borehamwood Times article here

Be Safe!

The Hertfordshire County Council says: “Dirty And Messy Kitchens Are The Top Causes Of House Fires